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The lion or the "panthera leo" in Latin, is a carnivorous wild cat that mostly inhabits Africa and some parts of Asia.

Appearance Edit

The lion is probably the most known wild cat in the world. Even tho it's weaker than the tiger, it's mostly called "the king of the jungle". It has a pale fur color, is fairly large, and has a tiny flame-shaped ball of fur at the tip of it's tail

Sexual dimorphism Edit

Male: Edit

The most notable thing about the male lion, or lions in general, is their mane. The mane is usually a lot darker than their fur and is sometimes called their crown, as they are "the kings of the jungle". Even tho it's rare, a male lion can have no mane. Aside from that, male lions can be about 4 ft. tall (till the neck), and weigh around 350 lbs.

Female: Edit

The female lions, or the lioness have no mane. They usually stick in packs, while males are rogues. Female lions can be around 3.5 ft. tall (till the neck), and weigh around 250 lbs.

Lifestyle Edit

The lifestyle of lions is separated into gender roles:

The males usually just compete with other males for dominance, so they can breed with the females, transferring their genes. They can, of course, get into conflict with other animals, usually over food.

The females "do most of the work" in a pack of lions. They hunt for the food and care for their young. The whole pack relies on them for the most park. They rarely interfere with the males, and if they do, it's most likely because of mating

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